Grey’s Anatomy: Staying alive — at least until the season finale

Sometimes I really can’t decide whether this is the best season of “Grey’s Anatomy” or the worst. I think it’s probably the worst — but it’s also probably my favorite. I couldn’t be happier that Meredith and McDreamy are finally/actually/really together. And the writers still haven’t messed up Bailey or Karev or Sloane… And Hunt and Arizona are the freshest characters the show has seen in a really long time!

That being said, I could really do without Lexie. Even though she was good in the last episode (all she did was eat), and even though she’s good with Sloane, I don’t think I’ll ever like her.

Also, my heart breaks a little every time I remember that Izzie’s dying. I know she’s going to die, I really do, and I’m making my peace with it (that’s a lie), but a little part of me is still holding out in desperate hopes that she’ll pull through.

Well. At least I can reasonably count on the writers keeping her alive until the season finale.


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