’90s relic to perform at blowout celebration

One-hit wonders, always keen for a new dollar and the chance to reach out to audiences, take any gigs they’re offered. In the case of this year’s Blowut though, the band didn’t even have to be asked. Alternative pop band and ’90s one-hit wonder Sister Hazel is scheduled to perform today, though it was never originally considered.

“The [original] list consisted of bands such as Grace Potter and Bedouin Soundclash. Grace Potter was our first choice, but they declined our offer,” Alma Mater Productions Music Chair Seira Nakagawa ’10 said.
As AMP prepared to make an offer to Bedouin Soundclash, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and AMP advisor Mark Constantine informed the board members that he was contacted by Sister Hazel’s agent, who said the band would be willing to play the gig. The AMP Music Committee decided to accept the band’s offer.

“We agreed that this was an opportunity we did not want to miss. We are all very excited to have the opportunity to work with Sister Hazel,” Nakagawa said.

The folk-rock-pop band, best known for its 1997 hit “All for You,” reached the eleventh spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 list. Though the original version of the song featured on its self-titled debut album was acoustic, the radio version that topped the charts uses a full rock accompaniment with percussion, bass and electric. Since “All for You” dominated airwaves, the band has not managed another hit of similar success. It has been successful enough, however to stick together and has released six studio albums since 1994. Its songs have been featured on several movie and television soundtracks including “10 Things I Hate About You,” “The Wedding Planner” and “Scrubs.”

In addition to entertainment provided by Sister Hazel, the Blowout celebration will have free tacos in the afternoon, food and drink for dinner purchasable with meal plan swipes and inflatable activities including a moon bounce. The event will take place in the Sunken Garden. Rain location will be William and Mary Hall.


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