Grey’s Anatomy: Do the twist

_“If you’re not scared, you’re not paying attention.” ~ Miranda Bailey_

Well. That was an interesting and unexpected finale to an interesting and unexpected (but a little melodramatic) season of “Grey’s Anatomy.” Strangely enough, Meredith and Derek are suddenly the most solid relationship and the least crazy characters on the show: half of the Izzy/Alex couple is about to go up to heaven wearing a prom dress in an elevator; Lexi wants to wait seven years before committing to McSteamy; Cristina and Hunt might make it, but they still have PTSD/strangulation issues; and Callie and Arizona are iffy every single episode. As for Bailey and the Chief, they are both relationship failures.

Somehow they manage to pull twists and do surprising things, even when you’re sure you know what’s going to happen. I was sure Izzy and George were leaving the show. I thought Izzy was dying and half-way through I thought George was enlisting and leaving that way. Now, I’m not so sure. They pulled twist after twist after twist on me with Izzy: Would she get the surgery? Would she survive the surgery? Would she wake up after the surgery? Would she always have the memory of a carrot? And George; I only realized he was the bus-savior when the Chief said he hadn’t shown up for his surgery. It’s a pretty interesting situation. I’m making a new bet: George dies. Izzy lives.

Here’s a tally:
* 3 — Weird hugs (Hunt/George, McDreamy/McSteamy, Cristina/Meredith)
* 2 — Maybe-dead people (George, Izzy—why do they make the dead people so attractive??)
* 1 — Marriage by post-it note (Meredith, McDreamy)
* 0 — Murders via suffocation by pillow (Izzy, Alex)

“Screw the DNR!” is a pretty damn good rallying cry. Did you see her eyelids flutter?


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