Athlete focus: David Caldwell

The Flat Hat caught up with senior safety David Caldwell to discuss life in Williamsburg, his dancing skills and Michael Jackson.

Favorite class

I’ve taken so many favorite classes. There’s Professor Vincent. Sitting here next to D.J. McAulay, we’ve taken that class before. We’ve had Atlantic Slave Trade, History of South Africa and Global Color Lines. Those are all interesting and I would say my marketing class in the business school, that was pretty interesting. I liked doing presentations for that.

Best thing to do around Williamsburg over the summer

There’s not too much to do in Williamsburg, so we don’t do too much. A lot of us live in the same apartment complex, so we all just chill out there and cook out. But if we can sneak out on a Thursday night, with no Friday running, we’ll go to Richmond or something, just the fellows going out to have a good time at a club or something.

On his famous hit against Towson last year

I put [the picture] on facebook as soon as Pete [Clawson, Sports Information Director] gave it to me. Actually he mailed it to my phone right after, as soon as he saw it. I put it on facebook and a couple of my friends on the team and my brother tried to tag the guy (from Towson who got hit), they found out who the guy was and they tried to tag him in the picture. I’m not sure of his name and I didn’t try to tag him, but they tagged him and he removed it. But it’s all good. That happens in football. It could happen to me if somebody just read the play and I had no idea about what was going on.

Best dancer on the team

I couldn’t even call it. Let’s just say we all have our different swags, we’re all from different parts of the country. I’ll throw myself in there along with D.J. (McAulay), (Jonathan) Grimes, Terreon Conyers he’s a dancer, Meltoya Jones. I don’t do too much, just try to play it cool.

Worst dancer

We’ll go with one of the linemen, like Jake Marcy or something like that.

Where he was when he learned of Michael Jackson’s death

When I heard about it I was actually in the weight room and B.W. Webb came in and had gotten a text message to his phone saying Michael Jackson had died. I actually didn’t believe it but I looked at my phone after the weight room and everybody was sending it. I got one from my dad. I was like wow, that was really something. I listen to his music a lot and it’s just an unfortunate situation that he had to go so early.

Something people don’t know about senior wideout D.J. McAulay

He likes to sing. He can’t really sing but he likes to sing. We go in the studio and mess around sometimes. We’ve got a couple of songs out, too, that’ll probably be hitting the radio soon, so you’ll hear about that. But D.J. is an R&B writer/singer and not a lot of people know that.


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