Not that kind of sex change

    Not only does the College of William and Mary come with its own charms — like brick walkways and historic traditions — it also has its own language. To lessen the confusion, we have provided you with some of the College’s most common colloquialisms.

    *Add/Drop*: This two-week period at the beginning of the semester begins Wednesday, Aug. 26 and ends Friday, Sept. 4. During this time, students can drop classes, add additional classes or change their meal plans with no penalty. Take advantage of this time to try to get into the classes that were full during registration.

    *AMP*: Alma Mater Productions hosts concerts and weekly activities for the College. This group plans everything from the Homecoming concert to comedy shows to movies in the Sunken Garden.

    *Blowout*: Called “Last Day of Classes” by the Administration, this is a long-held and beloved campus tradition. Many students drunkenly celebrate the conclusion of classes each semester by enjoying the free food and festivities offered.

    *The Caf*: The largest of the College’s dining facilities — officially referred to as the Commons — offers more options than the Center Court dining hall in the Sadler Center. It is ideal for vegetarian or vegan students because it features both vegetarian and pasta stations. The Caf is located across from Yates Hall on Ukrop Drive.

    *The Cheese Shop*: This student favorite restaurant is found in CW— across from the Trellis — boasts delicious and made-to-order sandwiches. When tired of campus food, head down to this quaint eatery to purchase a bag of bread ends for only $1 and a cup of house dressing for a cheap, but delicious, snack or meal.

    *Confusion Corner*: The intersection of five streets — Richmond Road, Jamestown Road, starts at Confusion Corner and ends at the Capitol Building. Favorite student restaurants such as the Trellis and Fat Canary are situated along this pedestrian street.

    *Ho House*: The Hospitality House, one of the hotels most popular with the parents because of its proximity to campus, is located on Richmond Road across from the Alumni House. The hotel’s lounge is often crowded on Friday nights when students and professors alike gather to participate in karaoke.

    *Jamestown Beach*: On warm days at the College, many students make the 15-minute drive down the Colonial Parkway to Jamestown Beach, which isalso referred to as College Creek. Located on the James River, this beach offers an alternative to tanning in the Sunken Garden or making the hour-long drive to Virginia Beach.

    *Mug Night*: Every Sunday night, students and townies converge on the Green Leafe. After the purchase of a colorful Leafe mug, customers receive a discount on the multitude of beers on tap when filling their mug during this weekly event.

    *TWAMP*: The abbreviation for the “Typical William and Mary Person,” used by many students and outsiders to refer to people who fit any of the College’s stereotypes — studious, very active in extracurricular activities, no social life, etc.

    *Sadler Center*: This building will be a regular stop during your time here at the College, as it houses many dining options — such as Lodge 1, the Center Court dining hall, the Sex Change and Quizno’s. Students also send and receive mail at the Post Office inside the SC. Some upperclassmen still refer to the building as the UC (University Center) since it was only renamed two years ago.

    *Sex Change*: The convenience store located in the basement of Sadler Center — officially named the Student Exchange — is lovingly shortened by students to Sex Change. When in a hurry, or if you just want a light lunch, stop by and try the sushi or organic food products offered there. Here, students can also spend their Flex, Express, cash, or credit to purchase munchies for late-night study sessions or ice cream and bulk candy to pull them through midterms.

    *Steer Clear*: A student-run organization that provides students with free transportation around the College and surrounding Williamsburg area on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Whether drunk, stranded or just too tired to walk, the white vans — driven by students — will pick you up and take you to your next destination.


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