What you forgot to bring to college…

    *Duct tape*: An obvious necessity of life anywhere you are living, but especially at college where the universal fix-all really does fix all. Whether it’s holding together your text books or shoe rack, you will need this at some point this year.

    *Laundry Soap*: The washers here use high efficiency laundry detergent, and buying in bulk is a cheaper option (it might last you a few years though) just make sure you have some way to take down smaller amounts at one time (even though lugging 5 liters of detergent to the laundry room every week may seem like a good alternative to the gym).

    *Alarm Clock*: Time to wake up to college — your mom isn’t here to shake you out of bed every morning, and that cell phone alarm isn’t always enough after pulling an all-nighter. Make sure you get one annoying enough to get you out of bed, but also make sure you don’t become the annoying roomate that never turns it off.

    *Bed Risers*: Not a good idea if you’re bunking, but otherwise creates enough extra space under your bed to store almost any size box or crate for super-sneaky storage space.

    *Robe*: Even if you never used one at home, you probably never had to walk through a hall of coeds to get to your shower.

    *Small Toolkit*: Things break. Now you can fix them. And even better, if anyone else on your hall ever needs to fix something, guess whose their new best friend…

    *Flash Drive*: A solid investment for power point presentations, group projects, or that time when your printer breaks and you have to run to Swem to print out an essay. Also handy for sharing music.

    *Small Fan*: Unless you’re one of the chosen few living in an air conditioned dorm, these first few months in the ‘burg can be brutally hot. Having a small fan to put near your window or door can keep at the air flowing, even if it’s hot air.

    *Stain Remover*: Necessary for both for bigger things like carpets and comforters, as well as smaller things (Tide-to-Go anyone?) like clothes and purses.

    *Water Filter*: You can only use so much express at the vending machine until you realize the freshman fifteen is a real phenomenon. When you finally move onto water, it will taste much better out of a Brita filter than the sink 20 other people brush their teeth in every day.

    *Snacks*: Although freshmen all have some sort of Gold meal plan, the dining halls can only fill you up so much. For all other times of the day not covered by meal zone hours, having a few snack favorites on hand can go a long way in saving your sanity.

    *Target*: 4630 Monticello Ave — About three miles from campus

    *Staples*: 1320 Richmond Rd — About one and a half miles from campus

    *Office Depot*: 4900 Monticello Ave — About three miles from campus

    *Home Depot*: 6700 Mooretown Rd — About five and a half miles from campus

    *Trader Joe’s*: 5000 Settlers Market Blvd — About two miles from campus

    *Best Buy*: 210 Whittakers Trace — About four miles from campus


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