The Pulse: 28 Aug. 2009

Do you enjoy farmers’ markets and waking up early on Saturdays? Tomorrow at 9 a.m., American Farmland Trust will recognize Williamsburg as the nation’s number one medium-sized market. The next market will be held this Saturday.

Kate Hibbs ’10 spoke up this week for migrant workers’ living conditions on Roanoke-based radio station WVTF. Hibbs worked in health outreach this summer and described the poor living conditions: “There’s no laundry facility here, so people were doing their laundry in the buckets they were picking tomatoes in. And people do laundry every single day to wash the pesticides off their clothes.”

You may not go to Harvard University, but now you can look like it (and show up those U.Va. collar-poppers as well). The Cambridge institution has debuted a new line of expensive prep menswear, fitted chinos and plaid sports coats perfect for the up-and-coming yuppie. “Harvard Yard” shirts start at $160, a look — but not a price — inspired by photos of Crimson students from the ’50s and ’60s.

Embattled Eagles QB Michael Vick was in Newport News yesterday to get approval for a plan to pay back $20 million to creditors. His map to debt relief was rubber- stamped, and late-arriving students may have caught him at the Newport News airport on his way to Philly for his first NFL game since 2006, defeating Jacksonville 33-32 last night.


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