Violation reported to city police one day after noise ordinance’s adoption

    Three College of William and Mary students were cited for violating the City of Williamsburg’s new noise ordinance within 24 hours of it going into effect.

    Williamsburg Police Sergeant Edward Schneider issued summonses to the students living at 219 Harrison
    Ave. for being in violation of the noise ordinance at 1:04 a.m. on Monday Aug. 24.

    The ordinance went into effect Sunday, Aug. 23.

    The residents of 219 Harrison Ave. said they notified the neighbors immediately surrounding of their house of plans to have a party.

    According to the residents, none of their neighbors had expressed opposition to the party.

    The police, however, received a complaint from a resident who lived several houses down the block.

    The complainant allegedly came to 219 Harrison Ave. after the police arrived and repeatedly refused to cooperate with the students in finding a solution to the problem.

    All three students are 21 years old and will appear in the Williamsburg-James City County General District Court on Sept. 11.

    Five days after the Aug. 24 citation, the residents said they had a smaller gathering at their home.

    The students said several of them investigated the street at 11:55 p.m. to ensure that little noise from the gathering could be heard outside. Ten minutes later, the residents said that a Williamsburg police officer had been called to the scene.

    The residents recieved another summons for a noise ordinance violation. The incident report cites that the violation was filed at 12:04 a.m.

    Aside from providing reports of the incident, the Williamsburg Police Department refused to comment about the noise violations.


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