Athlete focus: Peter Dorrell

The Flat Hat caught up with sophomore cross country runner Peter Dorrell to discuss his favorite running shoes, being a redhead, and Japanese vending machines.

Favorite pair of running shoes:
My parents bought me these all-black athletic shoes when I was five. You know how you have a special pair of shoes when you grow up? These were the ones for me. Unfortunately they were so worn out after a while that my parents had to throw them out. I cried.

Best thing about being a redhead:
You’re a delicacy. There are not many of us around in Blacksburg [Virginia, his hometown]. There’s a lot more at the College, which can be comforting too.

Worst thing:
The haters. People are always jealous. I have been faced with that all my life. The team picks on me from time to time. They usually say to me, “Gingers can’t do that.” Also, I would have to say that being associated with the Wendy’s logo kind of stinks.

One thing he wishes he could bring back from his summer trip to Japan:
Drink machines that don’t just have carbonated beverages in them. They have several types of juice, coffee, and tea mixed in with the typical sodas all in one machine. They also mix Pepsi and Coca-Cola products too.

A recipe that can be made entirely from ingredients “borrowed” from the Caf:
Cinnamon Toast Crunch. You get some of the cinnamon sugar from the waffle area and a few pieces of white bread. Then, you take it to your toaster oven, sprinkle the spice over the toast and cook until crispy.

Favorite place to chill on campus:
Hands down, the Lake Matoaka dock behind the Botetourt Complex. I lived in Nicholson [Hall, part of the Botetourt Complex] last year, so I went there just about every day. I’m planning to do that again this year.


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