Good/bad news for College

    As you are likely aware, the various college and university rankings came out again this year. We are (pleased/concerned) to see that the College of William and Mary has (risen/dropped) this year. While rankings are just rankings, clearly this is important news that needs to be seriously considered.

    What does this mean for the College? This year’s assessment pointed out many of our strengths and weaknesses, and we need to keep its message in mind as we move forward. Above all, it is clear that we must shift our focus toward (privatization/environmental sustainability). As always, we should continue to focus on increasing our endowment.

    While these rankings fail to take into account the (new business school/difficulties of being public and great/new sushi bar), they are an important standard against which we should judge our institution’s worth. So let us take this opportunity to (praise/fire) College President Taylor Reveley for his efforts throughout his tenure.

    Let’s keep an eye on these (needed improvements/wasteful distractions) in the next year and hope for (improvement/continued improvement/the sushi bar going on the meal plan).


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