Greek: A hang-up about a hook-up

Repercussions from the End of the World Party are still being felt at CRU. Rebecca and Fisher’s adulterous make-out became public. Because of his pre-marital romp with the landlady, Dale feels disconnected from God. And despite his rejection of Casey, Cappie still can’t seem to get over her.

Because of Rebecca and Fisher’s awkward interactions, Casey figured out that they hooked up at the End of the World party, but promised not to tell Ashley because she was afraid it would hurt her too much. In a typically self-centered move, Rebecca ’fessed up to Ashley about both the kiss (because she didn’t trust Casey to keep quiet) and Casey’s cover-up (so Ashley’s anger would be spread out between them both instead of focused solely on Rebecca). Ashley then broke up with Fisher and started a cat-fight among the three in front of all the fathers. Eventually, Ashley forgave her BFF Casey but the two of them remain enraged at Rebecca.

Rusty, upset that Jordan’s dad did not approve of him, tackled him in the Dads vs. Frat Boys football game. Jordan’s dad is still not a fan of her boyfriend, but that doesn’t look like it will keep her from hooking up with Rusty in coming episodes.

Desiring a rebound to help fill the Casey-sized hole in his heart, Cappie spent the majority of the episode trying to get into a Catholic girl’s pants. Dale, on the other hand, spent the majority of the episode trying to get into the same Catholic girl’s religion to gain forgiveness for his sins. They end up smothering the poor plaid-skirt-clad girl and not feeling any better than before.

“The End of the World” started the beginning of many dramas, which will likely be carried on into the next episode since Cappie and Casey are still awkward, Ashley’s still mad at Rebecca, and Dale is still no longer a virgin.

And finally, award for the weirdest moment of the night: a random ZBZ dad admitting that the Rebecca-Ashley-Casey brawl was turning him on.


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