News in Brief: September 8

    *College saves thousands through sustainability*

    Through grants from the Committee on Sustainability, students have saved the College of William and Mary thousands of dollars through their efforts to improve environmental sustainability on campus.
    The Committee on Sustainability is a competitive grant program supported by funds from the Green Fee that was initiated in the spring of last year.

    The grants are intended to provide graduate and undergraduate students with summer research opportunities that directly serve the College’s sustainability needs.

    “As an undergraduate student, to be given the opportunity to conduct meaningful research as part of the College’s commitment to sustainability has been exciting, unique and both personally and professionally rewarding,” intern for the Committee on Sustainability Tyler Koontz ’09 said.

    The College will save $40,000 annually, thanks to the work done by the committee this summer.

    *College makes jump in Washington Monthly listing*

    The Washington Monthly has named the College eighth on its list of schools, ranked according to the contributions their students make to society.The Washington Monthly ranks schools based on community service, research and social mobility. The College has jumped from its previous position as 23rd in 2007.

    The magazine looks at the percentage of graduates who go on to serve in the Peace Corps, student participation in the ROTC, faculty awards and honors, annual research spending, the performance of low-income students and the number of students who move on from a bachelor’s degree to eventually earn a Ph. D.

    *Two receive Muscarelle’s Cheek Medal*

    David Alan Brown, a curator of Italian Renaissance artwork at the National Gallery of Art, and Fred Wilson, a conceptual artist, are this year’s recipients of the Cheek Medal from the Muscarelle Museum of Art at the College of William and Mary. A dinner and ceremony at the Lake Matoaka Amphitheater will be held in their honor Sept. 18.

    The Cheek Medal was created to recognize individuals who have impacted the fields of visual, performing and museum arts.

    The award is named after Leslie Cheek, Jr., who created an endowment for an award to celebrate “excellence in and outstanding presentation of the arts.”


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