The Pulse: 8 Sept. 2009

GQ released their list of America’s 25 Douchiest Colleges. Coming in at 25: the University of Virginia (“Home of the Blue-Blazer Douche”), where, the magazine said, a phrase commonly overheard in the bleachers is: “Well, at least our football players actually go to class and — hey, Dylan, this mint julep is _outstanding_.”

Oops — spoke too soon. William and Mary was an honorable mention blue-blazer institution, along with Duke, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt and someplace called Sewanee. At least we don’t call the Civil War the “War Between the States.”

Comedian Bo Burnham’s Saturday PBK performance was interrupted several times for updates on the U.Va. game from a freshman streaming it on his laptop. The 19-year-old Burnham later asked how the game was going, to which the freshman yelled, “We won!” The crowd cheered, and Burnham joked, “What’s changed about the world? Nothing.”

Big Bad Wolf, a suspended roller coaster at Busch Gardens, ended its 25-year run yesterday. Park officials announced in July the coaster would be shuttered. The closing is not due to any safety issues, they stressed.

Newport News and York County schools are among those across the nation not airing President Barack Obama’s speech to children today. Although Obama was to discuss the importance of education, many conservatives have complained the Democrat will indoctrinate their children. Williamsburg-James City County Schools will make the video available to middle and high school students in libraries and will show it to elementary students in classrooms.


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