A three-hour tour

The Student Assembly passed the Seasonal Influenza Prevention Act, allocating $6,000 from the consolidated reserve to pay for 300 students’ flu shots during last night’s three hour-plus meeting.

That’s it.

They appointed a few people which took longer than it should and debated endlessly about the Honor Council and Student Conduct Code cards that were proposed which I talked about in my column last week. Every senator knew last week that they were a bad idea, but waited until last night to start complaining. I don’t understand why this bill ever came out of committee.

Even though I left this meeting early it was still a colossal waste of my time. It was sloppy. Senators seem to take if for granted that student publications cover their events. If there are more meetings like this one, it won’t be worth our time to cover them. It’s a good thing that we’re getting free flu shots because I’m starting to feel sick. Hopefully there will something to write about next week.


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