Athlete focus: Jonathon Grimes

Sophomore running back Jonathon Grimes talked to The Flat Hat about his R&B tunes, Billy Mays impression and the football team’s worst dancer.

What’s on your ipod now?

Oh we make our own songs, like R&B songs. I’m usually singing something for the ladies usually. That’s what we do for fun. You can’t be talking about football all the time.

What was the worst movie you saw this summer:

I’ve only seen a few. I saw The Hangover and I mean, it was funny but some parts were startling. It was crazy.

Where were you when Michael Jackson died?

Where was I? Probably working out or something because we worked out every day we were down here all summer. I was probably working out when I heard about it. I was just shocked. I was shocked by Billy Mays too because we always used to do impressions of him.

Who does the best impressions on the team?

I would definitely say Daniel Pulley. He can definitely do Billy Mays pretty good and he can do a lot of stuff from movies. He does a lot of funny stuff.

Can he do an impression of Coach Laycock?

We’ve got a lot of people who can do Laycock. Kelly Fitzgerald can do a good Laycock.

What goes in to a good Coach Laycock impression?

You don’t even have to say a word. You just have to go ‘mmrah.’

Worst dancer on the team:

I might have to say Brian Thompson. He’s just not loose with it, he’s all uptight.

Favorite class so far:

Definitely History of Jazz…It was interesting. I like music and I learned a lot of old songs I didn’t know and that was interesting.

Something people don’t know about football players:

I don’t want to say we’re spoiled. I realize we kind of are, but we work super hard. We’re held at a higher standard than a regular student because with practice and everything, we spend as much time at football as we do at class.


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