BOV is back in the ‘Burg

    This week the kingmakers will be in town. The Board of Visitors holds its first meeting of the semester this week, and, by all accounts, this two-day discussion will be one to watch.

    The timing of these meetings will set their tone. Perhaps the economy is bouncing upward and away from rock bottom, but the state’s budget is still reeling from a fiscal emergency. The most recent round of budget cuts will force the BOV and our administration to make some difficult decisions. We hope they are able to act judiciously, hopefully without resorting to mid-year tuition increases, as they decide how to best handle this unfortunate situation.

    Every year during these meetings, the strategic plan of the College of William and Mary is laid out. And this time around a new dynamic will be in play: For the first time, our largely new administration — led by our new president — will have an opportunity to showcase the work it has been doing over the last year. We wish it the best, and hope it succeeds, especially given the recent budgetary strains.

    For most students, these meetings normally pass unnoticed, and we understand why this is the case. Although all of this week’s meetings will be open to the public, none will be open to public comment. And perhaps more to the point, the BOV rarely tackles issues which are immediately relevant to the everyday student.

    Even so, there is much value in being informed about the goings-on of those who are responsible for keeping this school on the right path. If you have the chance, step into one of their meetings, or at least digest the coverage found in this paper or others. Future generations of students will thank you.


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