Card-carrying compromisers

Your Student Assembly unanimously approved the HC/SCC KYR Act during last night’s meeting, allocating $600 from the consolidated reserve for the purchase of 6,000 know-your-rights cards informing students about the Honor Code and Student Conduct Code. Even though this bill was debated for an hour and a half last week it was almost instantaneously passed after senators got a look at the updated cards.

The most important change to the cards is that they now let students know that they are in no way obligated to report an honor code violation if they see one. While this change is a good one, it still does not solve my main issue with the bill: that the cards are useless. Honor Code and Student Conduct Code violations are not quick ordeals, any student charged with one would have ample time to read either code in its entirety before having to defend him or herself. There is simply no information on the card that is timely enough to warrant it being in your wallet.

This makes last week’s meeting seem even more ridiculous since all of the senators who opposed the card’s initial version seemed to agree with the superficial and ultimately meaningless changes made. The bill’s sponsors can make all the changes they’d like, but until the Honor Council starts patrolling campus and detaining students on sight, this card is worthless.


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