Greek: Post-apocalyptic apoplexy

This week’s episode of “Greek” finally got the ball rolling, but still managed to invoke the End of the World party. Apparently it still lives on weeks after the apocalypse. I have to be honest, I’m sick of hearing about it. But enough about me, here’s what happened:

After earning the moniker “Anchor” for his low science grades, Rusty embarks on a mission to find a faculty sponsor for independent research. His current teacher refuses so he approaches another professor at his book signing, only to find out that he has already committed to sponsoring Dale. Instead of taking the professor’s offer to assist with Dale’s research, Rusty decides to pursue other options, which inspires his original choice to take him on.

While monitoring the Greek houses during CRU’s dry weekend, Casey and Evan accidentally get high on marijuana brownies. Upon discovering their drugged state, they escape together to a shower stall, where Evan tells Casey about his talk with Cappie at — you guessed it — the End of the World party. Instead of getting mad at Evan for butting in (like I still am), Casey maturely recognizes that Evan would not have been able to stop Cappie if he really wanted to get to her. At the end of the night, Evan stands up for Casey to the Panhellenic president (who is mad because they surveyed only five of the Greek houses), which leads me to believe the two will be back together before long.

Fisher informs Ashley of the predicament, and his kindness during the hunt reminds Ashley of what a good guy she thought he was. Despite her firm “cheating-equals-dunzo” stance, she decides to let down her guard and give him a second chance.

Turns out Calvin’s new boyfriend Grant has a girlfriend — or rather, had a girlfriend. Grant came out to her and ended their relationship at the end of the episode. Calvin and Grant are now living their happily ever after, but it remains a secret.

And finally, Rebecca begs Calvin to convince Ashley to forgive her. He agrees, but has yet to act on it.

Many relationships are sitting on the brink now: Fisher and Ashley are starting over, Calvin and Grant are slowly continuing to heat up, and Casey and Evan’s good times plus the insider tip that Casey will get back together with one of her exes soon point to a blossoming relationship between them as well.


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