Plain white tees

Is there any outfit that can beat a nice-fitting pair of jeans and a plain white t-shirt?

The combo used to be a favorite standby for me when I could not decide what else to wear, but it has recently become one of my favorite ensembles. I love the simplicity and versatility of the pieces; they can be dressed down or dressed up depending on the accessories. And the best way to showcase a new pair of shoes or a bold necklace is by matching it with a blank slate like a cotton tee.

I’m not talking about the $22.50 J. Crew t-shirt or even the $18.50 one from Gap here, though. I prefer the five for $8.50 Hanes or Fruit of the Loom men’s v-neck tees. Since they are men’s fit, they are a little roomier without being baggy, and nothing can beat the price!

I bought a new pack before coming to school but wanted to expand my wardrobe beyond the plain white tee. Obviously I love the white, but I like to have color in my wardrobe as well and since I have yet to find a t-shirt with as good of a fit — or a price — as the men’s undershirts, I decided to dye them.

For $1.97 a color, you can purchase dye packets that can dye more than just your shirt (my housemates, for instance, dyed their bathroom carpet pink and their blanket green). I turned my package of five white tees into a rainbow of wardrobe options: pink, lavender, lime green, aquamarine, and, of course, white.

The colored plain t-shirts have served me well thus far. They look way better with my white skirt and my white hoodie, but they also complement ornate jewelry well.

Despite my new multihued options, I will always feel comfortable and fashionable “in my white tee,” to quote Dem Franchize Boys.


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