Family weekend fun: Where to eat

    With the approach of Family Weekend, Williamsburg will once again be flooded with parents and other family members looking to explore the area. Despite all of the activities on campus during the day, dining out will be one of the most popular ways for students and their families to spend time together. Listed below are a few of the many restaurants available in the area. Bon appetite.

    *Retro’s Good Eats* — 435 Prince George Street: Conveniently located across the street from Brown Hall and well within walking distance of campus, Retro’s Good Eats is the perfect place to grab a hot dog and fries or just relax with a bowl of frozen custard. It certainly lives up to its 1950s-style diner atmosphere with robin’s-egg-blue walls and chrome seating, sharply contrasting with the surrounding colonial architecture. Retro serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and prices are cheap for the entire family. Recommended dish: Burger, fries and a custard; Cost: $

    *Pierce’s Pitt Bar-B-Que* — 447 East Rochambeau: Since opening in 1971, Pierce’s Pitt Bar-B-Que has been a local favorite. Whether it’s because of the brightly-colored booths or the friendly service, everyone from governors celebrating inaugurations to children throwing birthday parties have flocked to Pierce’s. Renowned for its ribs, pulled-pork sandwiches and barbeque sauce, Pierce’s offers a family-style atmosphere with an authentic barbeque joint flare. Their affordable meals include sides of french fries, coleslaw, baked beans, onion rings and chicken fingers. Enjoy a meal with oldies music, Pierce family photographs and a round of soda. Recommended dish: JC’s Special; Cost: $$

    *Berret’s Restaurant and Taphouse Grill* — 199 S. Boundary Street: For the past ten years, Berret’s Restaurant and Taphouse Grill has been named the best seafood restaurant in Williamsburg. With prices varying depending on the catch of the day, the restaurant boasts a menu of popular seafood favorites — crab cakes, sauteed shrimp, lobster tail and salmon. Meat options such as filet mignon and rib-eye steak are also available. The inviting atmosphere includes an interior decor of local artistry and an outside patio. Recommended dish: Triple Crab Sandwich; Cost: $$$

    *Stephanos Pizza and Subs* — 110 S. Henry Street: Instead of ordering a delivery pizza, try one from Stephano’s instead. Serving pizza, subs and salads at affordable prices, Stephano’s provides a home-style atmosphere in the bustle of Merchant’s Square. Televisions are located in the corners of the open dining area and show channels such as CNN, ESPN and Nickelodeon. Recommended dish: Create your own pizza; Cost: $$

    *Shield’s Tavern* — 409 E. Duke of Gloucester Street: One of the four taverns in Colonial Williamsburg, Shield’s Tavern has been serving colonial-era food with a gourmet twist since the early 1740s. Peruse the tavern’s “Bill of Fare” and enjoy one of their dinner special, such as Crayfish Chowder, Barnyard Chicken or Wild Berry Crumble Pie. In order to preserve historical accuracy, all employees are dressed in period clothing and, if it’s late enough, dinner is eaten by candlelight. Shield’s Tavern offers the least-expensive menu among the taverns, but it may not be the best restaurant for a vegetarian. Recommended dish: Seafood gumbo; Cost: $$$

    *artcafe26* — 5107-2 Center Street, NewTown: Described as “a touch of Europe in Williamsburg,” this is the perfect place to have a relaxing breakfast Saturday or Sunday morning with the family. The cafe features four different art exhibitions a year with international artists and always has a variety of paintings, ceramics, glass work and figurines on display as decor and for sale. The friendly owner is always there and loves when people from the College visit, she even offers a 10 percent discount to students. Recommended dish: Homemade Belgian with Mixed Berries & Whipped Cream; Cost: $$

    *Food For Thought* — 1647 Richmond Road: After only four years in Williamsburg, Food For Thought has rapidly gained popularity with students and tourists alike for its unique dedication to satisfying “man’s hunger for knowledge.” Quotes from great thinkers decorate the walls, and families can quiz each other while reading menus. Their menu includes everything from classic American dishes ,like Grandma’s Meatloaf, to contemporary flavors, like Pad Thai and Jamaican jerk chicken. Here you can enjoy a deliciously inspiring meal while living motto “Eat, Drink and Think.” Recommended dish: The “All-In-One” Grilled Steak Salad; Cost: $$

    *Aromas Coffee and Cafe* — 431 Prince George Street: In need of a caffeine fix – or at least just a decent cup of coffee? Aromas Coffee and Cafe, also located across the street from Brown Hall, offers an authentic coffee shop atmosphere. Pastries such as cranberry scones, blueberry muffins and chocolate croissants are served throughout the day, but customers can enjoy a variety of meal options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Come prepared to wait long lines for your food — this is a Williamsburg favorite for both tourists and locals alike. Recommended dish: Croissant breakfast sandwiches; Cost: $$


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