The Office: Swedish communism

I sadly report that this week’s episode of “The Office” was not that funny. I laughed twice. That’s not to say it wasn’t a good episode, but simply that it focused more on actual plot developments rather than ridiculous antics.

Jim and everyone’s favorite CFO, David Wallace, had a super secret and serious meeting. Predictably, this drove Michael Scott absolutely bananas, as he assumed that Wallace was kicking him out and Jim was claiming the managerial throne.

In the meantime, Pam tried to get confirmative RSVPs out of her coworkers, which proved to be a frustrating task. Oddly enough, Pam and Jim are having their wedding at Niagara Falls. That, in addition to the $75.00 dinner price Pam mentioned and a website, it looks like the cute and quirky couple is having a traditional wedding. I have to admit I had higher hopes. Maybe plans will change and we’ll see something crazy with Dwight performing an official Amish ceremony with Mose as the ring bearer.

Speaking of Dwight, he and Toby joined forces to form the best (or worst, depending on who you ask) investigative duo of our time. Dwight found Darryl’s application for workers comp highly suspicious and so the detective work commenced. I particularly enjoyed the subtle pro-healthcare reform message when after Dwight accused Darryl of Swedish communism, he retorted, “If I lived in Sweden, I’d have universal health care and this wouldn’t be a problem.”

In the end, Michael eventually discovers the details of the super secret meeting, and then, after some wheeling and dealing, a big change comes to the Scranton Branch of Dunder-Mifflin. I won’t divulge any of these details or big changes here, but I will leave you with my favorite quote of the episode courtesy of Toby Flenderson: “Hey, you asshole! You gonna eat all that dog food yourself?”


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