SEAC exposed

“We want to see you naked!” read a recent e-mail from the Student Environmental Action Coalition, which puts out a nude calendar annually to raise money. They shoot student models in tasteful photo shoots involving recycling or other environmental props.

Students are covered (in the right places) by these props, which have included recyclables and fake wind turbines in the past.

The photo shoots are held throughout the fall by individual appointments. Some are held in the SEAC office in the Campus Center, but others require more space. These are held in Tucker’s little theater. There was even one at Lake Matoaka this year. Caitlin Fairchild ’11 is directing the shoots this year.

“We give the models a lot of leeway to use their imaginations and pose how they feel,” SEAC fundraising chair Emily Sample ’11 said.

This project is called the “Green is Sexy” calendar. The fundraiser began in the 2007-2008 year. The calendars are available to everyone and cost about $10. Last year they sold around 100 calendars.

The photos are sent away to a company that prints the calendars using 10 percent recycled materials and vegetable ink. They are delivered via CSU boxes and should come out by Dec. 4 — just in time for Christmas, Sample said.

As a writer of an environmentally-friendly blog, should I advocate that you buy an extra 12 pages of paper you don’t technically need? Well, the proceeds help SEAC buy reusable mugs and compact fluorescents for incoming freshman to use on campus, so it might be justified. Plus, the paper-argument never stopped anyone before; this one was banned from the London Museum, and the University of Georgia did it last year too.

The photo shoots are actually full this year, but keep it in mind for next year if you are interested. It raises money and awareness for the organization, and it puts a fun spin on stereotypically serious environmentalists.

I like that the calendar promotes discussion about waste, recycling and environmental issues, along with a statement on sexuality. While seeing nudity is no longer shocking to most, being naked is another story. In an environment where sex, streaking and other naked weekend endeavors are freely discussed, why are some so afraid to be bare? Some people are more private than others. Some people are shier about their body type.

However, models I know described it as liberating — in the sense of shunning clothes that society demands we wear, as well as displaying their non-model bodies for a good cause. So much good stuff — so go get naked already!

Peace and love until next time!

_Editor’s note: Caitlin Fairchild is the Flat Hat Photos Editor._


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