Ready for some football?

    Consider this: It has been fifteen years since the College of William and Mary last began a football season with four consecutive wins. Since then, the Voyager-1 spacecraft has traveled about nine billion miles; the country has been through three presidents and two economic bubbles; and, excluding non-traditional students, nearly all who currently attend the College have progressed from middle school to college.
    In 1994, no one had heard of Britney Spears, Napster, Nintendo 64 or Dolly the sheep. Since then, Stephen King has written 37 books, and the iPod has been produced — and subsequently repackaged in about 20 different models and generations.

    To say that this does not happen often at the College is an understatement — we are having an incredible season at a school that is not known for having incredible seasons. This year’s team has already proven to be one of the best in the country for our division. The question now is just how close to the top we will end up.

    The excitement that has swept our campus this fall is rare, and students would be wise to get caught up in it. Never traveled with a team before? This weekend’s game at Villanova is in a nice section of Philadelphia. Always wanted to paint your chest for a game? There is no better time than now.

    The football team has some difficult games coming up against other similarly ranked teams, and student support can make all the difference in a tight matchup. So, don’t delay; get out there and seize the game day.

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