Greek: Should have gone with ‘sexy green bean casserole’

Not too much happened at Cyprus Rhodes this week, but I’ll catch you up on the minor occurrences.

As recommended by his cranky research advisor, Rusty decided to lavaliere Jordan to liven up their relationship, until Cappie informed him of “The Curse.” Apparently Kappa Taus who successfully lavaliere their girlfriends cause horrible tragedies such as the Great Chicago Fire and the sinking of the Titanic. For such a reason, his brothers try to stop Rusty from taking the plunge, but only succeed because Beaver accidentally swallows the charm. Instead of making Rusty wait for Beaver pass it, Big Brother Cappie steps in and gives Rusty his old lavaliere. Before he gets a chance to present it to Jordan, however, she tells him she’s applying for a study abroad program and he pockets the charm. In the end, Rusty decides to lavaliere Jordan and she accepts. She doesn’t get in to her study abroad program (or so Rusty says, because she had him read the e-mail but the audience never sees the screen), so they can remain together at CRU.

At ZBZ, Casey discovers that their new pledge class may be bringing down the whole sisterhood. They get stood up for socials with fraternities, they lose the most coveted month in an annual frat calendar, and overall, ZBZ drops from a number one sorority to a number four sorority according to the Panhellenic president. To remedy the situation, the new pledge class attempts to sex up for November, the month they got for the calendar, by dressing as scantily clad Pilgrims and Native Americans (totally would have liked it more if they had dressed like “sexy green bean casseroles” like Casey originally suggested). They didn’t make the calendar, but they did break the cycle by keeping their costumes on for an after-party at Dobler’s.

And finally, Cappie and Evan get a catering job together but continue to hide their new friendship. My prediction: When Casey and Evan start dating again, Cappie gets mad at Evan again for cock blocking at the End of the World party. And then we end up back at the beginning of season one: Casey and Evan as a couple and Cappie and Evan as mortal enemies.


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