Greek: Squeezing the squeeze

Despite their endearing little lavaliere affair on last week’s episode, Jordan and Rusty look headed for Splitsville in the near future. Uninspired by schoolwork and engaged with a new photo hobby, Jordan decided to drop out of CRU to pursue an internship with a photographer in New York City. Although Rusty was hurt by his girl’s abandonment, especially after all of his adorable support, they decided to attempt a long distance relationship. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any scoop on whether Johanna Braddy, who plays Jordan, will be continuing on the show. So right now it’s up in the air whether their long-distance relationship will beat the odds, or Rusty will be back on the market soon.

At ZBZ, the sisters spent their weekend trying to squeeze money out of ZBZ alumni in town to celebrate Founder’s Weekend. Casey fell into an awkward position by going — and making — out with the wealthiest alum’s 20-something “special helper” (sexual relationship not confirmed, but I don’t even want to know) only to have him ask for 15 percent of the old lady’s donation to the chapter. Casey told the alum, who didn’t believe her, and they had a “kitty passing” to resolve the issue which eventually ended in a hilarious old broad reminding all of the past and present ZBZs what sisterhood is actually about and the rich old lady writing a fat check.

The old lady’s message struck a chord with Ashleigh, who, after competing with Rebecca over who could raise the most money for the chapter, decided to forgive her back-stabbing, self-destructive sister.

Casey’s little incident with the “special helper” also got Cappie and Evan working together to defend their former flame. They convinced him to fess up to his boss in attempt to protect Casey. He told Casey about their joint threat and Casey realized that Cappie and Evan were working together and could possibly be friends.

If Jordan is dunzo, I will have to admit I’m sad to see her go. I thought she was a wonderful addition to the cast and brought a certain, much-needed down-to-earthness to ZBZ. But I still just can’t wait to see what will unfold between Casey and Evan or Cappie.


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