The Office: Me, you and the dance floor

This is the blog I’ve been waiting for. It’s the Super Bowl of ‘Office’ blogs, and like any dedicated fan, this is the episode I’ve waited to see, ever since Jim and Pam exchanged their first knowing glance. I didn’t expect the wedding to be so soon, considering Pam was still attempting to procure RSVPs just last week, but I’m glad it happened.

I think we can all agree the episode didn’t begin on the classiest of notes, but thankfully it got progressively better as the show continued. And so, the Scranton branch headed up to Niagara Falls for the most important wedding for this office (until Michael Scott gets married of course).
Here’s what I consider the highlights.

* Andy, or the Nard-dog as I like to call him, and his crush on Erin. I think it is ridiculously cute. Erin’s character is beginning to grow on me, due to her cheerful demeanor and her casual use of the phrase “broken penis.”
* Dwight’s undeniable power over the ladies.
* Kevin Malone not only wore empty tissue boxes as shoes to the wedding, calling them a great conversation piece, he also offered this bit of advice about buying a truly useful wedding gift:
Stanley: Anyone have anything they want to trade for a toaster?
Kevin: Does it have a slot for hot dogs?
Stanley: No.
Kevin: Who would want it?

In the end though, nothing really mattered except Jim, Pam and their nuptials. I loved that they went the old “let’s have a sea captain marry us while wearing rain ponchos at the base of Niagara Falls” route. But more than that, I enjoyed the second wedding, where we got to watch the entire cast dance down the aisle to “Forever,” in the same spirit of the infamous YouTube wedding. The joy of all the actors and writers was contagious, and you could tell they had been looking forward to the couple saying, “I do,” just as much as the fans had. So here’s to Jim and Pam, for having a truly heartwarming wedding.


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