Tips for eating on the cheap

Everyone is feeling the sharp pains of tightening belts due to the economic meltdown. As students, food should not be a major constraint — we have more important matters to attend to (like our future). Here are some of the best ways to save money on food this year:

1. Take free creamers and sugar packets from Wawa for your morning coffee.
2. Retro’s is cheap! And delicious.
3. Scope out the samples at Bloom, the Peanut Shop, and Wythe’s Candy Store.
4. Oatmeal is really filling, and packets of it in a box are only $1.30.
5. Don’t buy water bottles, buy a Brita filter — you will save about $150 a year.
6. Organize a potluck dinner with friends.
7. Grow your own herbs in a pot by the window.
8. When going out with friends, don’t get soda or any drink other than water (unless its alcohol, then it’s okay).
9. Bring your own snacks to class rather than using the vending machine.
10. Sometimes Cal-Tort has burrito coupons: buy one, get one free! (By the way, you can spin the wheel on Mondays when you go to Cal-Tort, and you can get free cookies or money off your order).
11. Take advantage of campus event free food (courtesy of AMP).
12. Buy store generic brands.
13. Cheese Shop bread ends are only $1.00.
14. If you make your own coffee every day instead of spending up to $17.50 a week on specialty coffee (granted a $2.50 cup every day at Wawa or the Grind), you could save $2,000 on coffee alone for four years at college.
15. Purchase a mug from the Kimball Theatre for $10, and get free cider, hot chocolate, and soda refills in Old CW cider at the local stands.
16. Save coupons for Bloom, Ukrops, even Target.

Who says we can’t be cheap and eat healthy? These are ten healthy foods found at Bloom that are only a $1.00 or under:

* Bananas
* Potatoes
* Kale
* Broccoli
* Eggs
* Oatmeal
* Nuts
* Watermelon
* Rice
* Spinach


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