News in Brief: October 20

    *Professor Cristol discusses effects of pollution*

    An interview with biology professor Dan Cristol will air this week on the Virginia public radio show “With Good Reason”. On the program, Cristol discusses how mercury pollution is affecting birds living in the Virginia watershed. The interview will broadcast through Oct. 22 and will also be available online as a podcast.

    *Advisory board created for women’s law journal*

    The William and Mary Journal of Women and Law is founding an advisory board in response to the encouragement of their editorial board.

    “The Journal benefited greatly in its early years from the wisdom and enthusiasm of its advisory committee,” faculty advisor professor Jayne Barnard said. “We decided that assembling a group of outstanding women to provide ideas and encouragement to today’s students could only strengthen an already strong journal.”

    The panel will be comprised of 11 women from Virginia and Washington D.C.

    *Database created to track effects of foreign aid*

    Project-Level Aid in conjunction with the non-profit organization Development Gateway, has created a database that provides information on the effects of international aid on economic and social development around the world.

    “We originally built PLAID to do academic research, but input from the policy community made clear that a publicly accessible database could also promote accountability, coordination, best practices and, ultimately, [could] reduce poverty,” Director of International Relations and PLAID researcher Michael Tierney said. “The database has become a useful tool for academics and researchers, but there is great potential for a much wider audience to benefit from it.”

    The database will be online and available to the general public this spring.

    *Area hospitals ban non-patients under age 18*

    In an effort to help reduce the spread of all flu strains , 18 regional hospitals including Sentara Williamsburg regional Medical Center are not allowing non-patients under the age of 18 into the hospital. The higher rate of flu-like symptoms in children is the main reason for the implementation of the new policy. Those complaining of flu-like symptoms are also requested not to visit area hospitals.

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