Grey’s Anatomy: Welcome, newbies

New characters are so exciting! They’re all so delightfully vicious. I despise them already, especially the girl who took George’s locker. I don’t know why, but whenever “Grey’s Anatomy” has new characters, they all start off as the bad guys (Hahn, Lexie, Sloan) and now there’s a whole new crop of residents to hate.

I’m glad the writers didn’t kill Izzie off, but I strongly suspect that the Chief’s decision to fire her was simply another expedient way to kick her off the show. I understand the writers’ motives, but I still feel that Izzie wouldn’t be the first resident to be fired. She’s a much better doctor than Alex, at least, but I bet she’s the only Seattle Grace resident to be fired (the Mercy West residents are all fair game, although a couple of them will probably hang around for awhile).

Oh, and Arizona is becoming one of the strongest characters in the show.


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