Loosen up my buttons

Your Student Assembly unanimously passed the Swem Snack Act, allocating up to $150 dollars from the consolidated reserve to purchase a microwave to be placed in the Mews Cafe. While this may not seem earth shattering, it could be worse, I guess.

Personally, I couldn’t think of anything more depressing than heating up a TV dinner in Mews and then scarfing it down so I could get back to an all-nighter, but apparently that doesn’t sound so bad, at least to some students. With that said, this isn’t a bad bill and, at this point, any expenditure that doesn’t involve buttons or banners is a welcome break from the norm.

In button news, SA President Sarah Rojas ’10 wisely cut the There’s No Place Like Homecoming Act in half, bringing the allocation for homecoming buttons down from $1,000 to $500. While I would have been really impressed if Rojas just vetoed this bill, the less money spent on buttons the better.


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