Grey’s Anatomy: Going black and white

The last “Grey’s Anatomy” episode had film noir written all over it, which was a pretty cool artistic decision. It made me wonder how difficult it was to shoot the same scenes from so many perspectives. I was really impressed by how well it was done: I didn’t know who was at fault (I saw the Mercy Grace resident screw up the ABC exam, but I wasn’t sure if Alex had messed up as well), and I was even sad to see the Mercy girl fired. She was an interesting character, and smart — the kind of person you might actually want operating on you.

As far as ‘Grey’s’ characters go, I wouldn’t want many of them operating on me. Bailey, Meredith and Cristina all seem competent, but I don’t have a lot of confidence in the rest of them. Izzy got too emotionally involved and made bad decisions, George and Alex didn’t seem that bright, and Derek’s judgment is questioned with alarming frequency. And imagine if Burke was operating on you when he couldn’t even hold his hands steady.


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