Real food on campus

Williamsburg’s RealFood co-op is an important part of my life, as it provides food for my meals. But it is more important to many others who spend their time growing, selling and distributing the food from Williamsburg’s local organic co-op. This blog records a fabulous intersection of student and community involvement and initiative.

The RealFood co-op provides food from local organic farmers to Williamsburg community members. They offer fresh produce, dry goods, bread, milk, eggs, “deli” (hummus and the like) and, most recently, meat. RealFood also offers workshops and resources for those interested. In the past, there have been canning and bread-baking workshops. (Fun fact: Polyface Farms is the farm featured in “Omnivore’s Dilemma” by Michael Pollan. This book is a bible for any aspiring organic eater, and Polyface provides RealFood eggs!)

I know you’re interested. To get on the listserv, email You will receive an e-mail every week reminding you to place an order. Follow the link from the e-mail to the website and order whatever you want. Menus are posted on Friday nights, and you must order by midnight Sunday.

Dues are $10 a semester, but they are less if you want to be a volunteer member. For this, you must volunteer several hours during the semester either sorting food or manning the pick-up station. Sorting takes place on Wednesday afternoons and pick-up is from 5-7 p.m. at the Meridian Coffeehouse.

To order, members used to have to read a very long e-mail from the farmers about their offerings each week. Then we replied to the RealFood managers, who tallied everything and bagged it for us. As you can imagine, this resulted in confusion at times, though they were usually very accurate and helpful. So the online system is very convenient and exciting, though right now — beware, you can only get things in half-pounds or pounds.

Also pay attention: One of my friends recently ordered 5 chickens instead of 5 lbs. of chicken. He doesn’t have freezer space anymore.

Here’s the site if you want a preview.

Peace & love until next time!


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