Glee: The season so far

The critics said a musical television show would never make it. They clearly didn’t anticipate “Glee” or the overwhelmingly positive response it would elicit from both singers and tone deaf fans alike.

Will (Matthew Morrison) is a hopeful high school teacher who tries to revitalize the glee club, which is filled with social misfits. But these outcasts are all incredibly, and a little unbelievably, talented. From Rachel (Broadway alum Lea Michele) to Finn (swoon-worthy Cory Monteith), the members of glee club all have impressive voices. As more popular students enter the mix, head cheerleader Quinn (Dianna Agron) is forced to stand together onstage with handicapped Artie (former boy-band member Kevin McHale) and cry on his shoulder in the hallways. As the social hierarchy tumbles, unbelievable musical numbers and juicy gossip rise from the ruins.

So what is it about the show that has captured the heart of so many after just a few episodes? Maybe it’s because this comedy from creator Ryan Murphy (“Nip/Tuck”) has a great combination of delightfully uplifting moments — pretty much every song impresses even the snobbiest show choir critics — and heartbreaking plot twists. The characters are so into their choreography that you want to applaud at the end. Yes, it’s a little nerdy, but they’re having so much fun, so why not join in?

But the show isn’t complete perfection. Even the biggest Gleeks will admit that the plot it already becoming muddled. “Glee” has already tackled drugs, teen pregnancies and cheating lovers in the first few episodes. A random proposal made fans scratch their heads. A delusional wife is hiding way too much from her loving husband. And instead of having one pair of meant-to-be lovers, “Glee” has two couples who provide us with enough romantic tension to form a spin-off.

Josh Groban made a cameo, visiting our beloved glee club. Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth has already belted her way through an episode and is rumored to return. Madonna has given “Glee” use of her vast catalogue (Rachel singing “Like a Virgin” would be the high point of my life). When “Glee” returns on November 11 after a hiatus due to the World Series, during which the cast sang the National Anthem and blew the crowd away, fans everywhere will be on the edge of their seats to see what drama unfolds and what songs “Glee” covers next.


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