Glee: Pondering the pop-loving paraplegic

“Glee,” you are pure gold. You have come back with a vengeance with an episode packed with emotional highs and lows, strung together with some moving musical numbers.

Artie has not been getting enough attention and finally “Glee” gave us an episode dedicated to the pop-loving paraplegic. I absolutely love his character. No drama, no diva, no secrets (yet). Just a meek, incredibly talented kid who is as far on the outside of the social circle as you can get. Hearing his jazzy spin on “Dancing with Myself” made the episode a huge win for me and that was only seven minutes in. The glee club’s lack of compassion and Artie’s genuine hurt showed that “Glee” loves to wear its heart on its sleeve. What a genius idea to have them all in wheelchairs — comedic yet compelling.

Making divas Kurt and Rachel go head to head was another nice and unexpected twist. I’m not sure if Broadway fits as well with the other popular song covers “Glee” has become famous for but I understand the need for variety and personally a huge fan of the musical.

All happy moments aside, I’m still trying to handle the raw emotions “Glee” dishes out: the phone call to Kurt’s father; Artie’s revelation of how he got in a wheelchair and his selfless decision on how to spend the bake sale money; Quinn constantly criticizing Finn over providing for “his” baby and Puck’s dedication no matter how cold she is.

But most of all, seeing Sue without her typical “angle.” Learning why she cares so much about the disabled cheerleader made me tear up.

I’m glad you’re back, “Glee.” I missed you dearly.


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