The last, longest yard

    Finally, a close one. We at The Flat Hat enjoy winning football games as much as the next paper, but this insistence on pummeling our opponents by such wide margins has taken some of the fun out of supporting the Tribe. However this most recent win came, it advances the Tribe to 9-1 on the season, and all should take notice of just how rare that is.

    At the end of September, we commented on the spectacular 4-0 start the football team had this year. That was pretty cool, since the last time that had happened was in 1994. But we hadn’t seen anything yet.
    Here’s another date: 1947. That’s right; the last time the Tribe had a 9-1 season was 62 years ago. And we’ve never had a 10-win regular season, a prize that is still within reach. This is by far the best football season in modern history.

    Next weekend’s regular-season finale is a game not to be missed. Less than an hour down the road, the Tribe will face off in the University of Richmond Stadium for the last time, as the stadium will be retired after the season. While the College of William and Mary has already sold out its ticket allotment, the game itself won’t sell out — the stadium seats 22,000 — and tickets are available through the Richmond ticket office for $25. After already finding a place to call “our house” in Charlottesville, the Tribe appears to be looking for property in Richmond. We should be out in force to see what happens.

    If we do win, the following weekend we will likely host a playoff game here in Williamsburg on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Currently, dorms are scheduled to open up the day after the game, but the administration should do all it can to open them one day early so that students can return to campus early to support our team.

    For the College, this season has been a success, one to remember. Let’s see it to its conclusion as best as we can.


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