Shut up and hail a cab

Your Student Assembly unanimously passed the Annual Exam Taxi Service Act and the Potentially Necessary Airport Shuttle Funding Act during last night’s meeting.

Before I go into what the SA did last night, I have to address what they did not do. In a clear demonstration of the senate’s seemingly endless vanity, the Meeting Brevity Act, which would have limited all senators to a speaking time of 2 minutes regarding any item of business, was voted down. Senators claimed that the limit was arbitrary and would hamper discussion if something important was actually being debated, but it seemed to me more like wishful thinking than an actual rebuttal to this bill. Senators, when was the last time anyone actually wanted to hear you speak for more than two minutes?

But I digress, the Annual Exam Taxi Service Act allocates $2,600 from the consolidated reserve pay for a taxi service on a per ride basis for the fall and spring finals and the Potentially Necessary Airport Shuttle Funding Act allocates up to $2,000 to fund a shuttle service giving students rides to and from the airport before and after Thanksgiving break.

It’s vital to point out that these bills are some of the most important and helpful that the SA will pass all semester, and not only did no senator need to speak for over two minutes, these bills were passed within two minutes of being presented.


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