Glee: Ballad for a baby

“Glee” just loves mixing it up. This episode was let’s-communicate-everything-through-song-even-if-it’s-awkward week. I have to admit I was taken aback when Puck and Rachel became a couple or when Coach Tanaka proposed to Emma, but seeing Mr. Schuester and Rachel belt “Endless Love?” I guess the taboo student-teacher relationship was bound to surface but it was still delightfully unexpected. Mr. Schuester trying to communicate to Rachel he’s not interested through a mash up was adorable. I have to admit that I too had the love struck, dopey grin that spread across the faces of Rachel and Emma (who makes a brief return!).

And yet another twist? Kurt’s love for Finn: “I can’t sing to a dude.” Perfect pairing. As if “Glee” fans need another reason to love Finn, who never stops showing his vulnerable side. Okay, fine, I’ll admit seeing him sing to the moving sonogram of “his” unborn daughter was a bit much. But I couldn’t stop laughing during Finn’s ballad to Quinn over dinner. Inappropriate. Unbelievable. Typical “Glee.”

Poor Quinn. Last week I hated her lies and hormonal freak outs, but now that we got a look into her dysfunctional family, my heart has softened. Whereas Finn’s mother held him in her arms and reassured him that it would be okay, Quinn is left alone and terrified. Clearly she doesn’t have the greatest support system and maybe Finn really is better for her than Puck.

Speaking of, Mercedes reaction to Puck’s revelation was not at all what I expected. You’d think now that it’s finally out in the open, Quinn and Puck will be forced together, as we’ve been getting hints they still really care about each other. But no, Mercedes freaks out on Puck, who desperately needs someone to confide in. Come on girl. Help him out.

But I guess, in the end, “Glee” did help out Finn and Quinn (wait, I’m just realizing now that rhymes. Cute, I guess?) “Lean on Me” was a perfect way to end an episode, although reminiscent of the more serious “Keep Holding On” ending a few weeks ago. Wouldn’t it be great if high school really was like that? When your world is collapsing, your fellow chorus members serenade you with a hopeful, upbeat song and everything feels like it’s going to be okay. Call me a Gleek, but I may have teared up a bit during that song.

Keep it coming, “Glee!”


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