Admiring early decision

    This week, Dean of Admissions Henry Broaddus announced that the College of William and Mary’s early admission application pool is up 13 percent for the year. This is a very encouraging figure, and a strong early indication that demand for admission to the College remains high. We look forward to keeping an eye on the formation of what will certainly be a capable and diverse class of 2014 as it develops over the coming year.

    The size of the early applicant pool is important, and generally speaking, bigger is always better. Typically, about 36 percent of the incoming freshman class will come from early applications, regardless of how many there are. Selectivity rises and falls with the size of the pool. We are currently positioned to admit the strongest group of students of the last decade to come through the early admission system.

    We are also already off to a great start in crafting a highly diverse and capable class. According to Associate Provost for Enrollment Earl Granger, the College is making great headway with recruiting international and Latino students in particular. We hope this trend continues, and thank all of those in the Admissions Office for their dedication to crafting the best incoming class possible. We eagerly await learning the next chapters of this story in the coming months.


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