McGlothlin says he is reconsidering donating to the College

    James McGlothin ’62 J.D.’64 has rekindled negotiations to reinstate his donation to the Marshall-Wythe School of Law.

    McGlothlin withdrew his $12 million donation after then College of William and Mary President Gene Nichol removed the Wren Chapel Cross from permanent display in spring 2008.

    “[The withdrawn donation] was to be made at the time of my death and I haven’t died yet, so there is time to put it back,” McGlothlin said. “There was a principle behind [withdrawing my donation.] Something that was not made clear was that [the donation] was in negotiation, and I am in the process of putting it back, and it may even be bigger now … I have a great love for the College.”

    During his time both as an undergraduate and law student at the College, McGlothlin waited tables at the King’s Arms Tavern and drove a bus to make ends meet. After graduating, he practiced law at Street, Street and McGlothlin in Grundy, Va.

    He eventually bought a small coal company with several members of his practice. That company became The United Company, now one of the country’s largest coal exporters.

    McGlothlin is currently the CEO of The United Company, which manages energy, financial and real estate companies.

    McGlothlin was on campus this week to speak with business students in Alan B. Miller Hall, offering business advice to a small group of students in Miller Thursday.

    “My faith in where we are going as a country and a people is reinforced by being with you [students],” McGlothlin said.


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