Zoning administrator releases addresses, names of alleged 3-person rule violators

    Williamsburg Zoning Administrator Rodney Rhodes released a list of the nine houses that have been served notices for violating the city’s three-person ordinance Wednesday.

    The names of individuals published have been confirmed by Rhodes to have been served notices.

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    *113 Matoaka Ct.*
    MKF LLC – Property Manager
    Lauren Cheniae
    Caitlin Marotta
    Emily Wood
    Elizabeth Stump
    Ashley Timms

    *122 Matoaka Ct.*
    MKF LLC (Property Managers)
    Clare Lee Leguyader
    Susanne Figuers
    Courtney Alles
    Katherine Radloff

    *128 Matoaka Ct.*
    Landlord – Christine and Forrest Williamson
    Stephanie Gerow
    Molly Kaye
    Katherine Yount
    Annie Macomber
    Joan Zimmeck

    *201 Matoaka Ct.*
    Landlord – Randall Hawthorne
    Chase Hill
    Nicholas Dewispelaere
    James Hobson
    Carl Watts
    Tyler Miller

    *207 Matoaka Ct.*
    Landord: Robert Cyphers
    Clinton Schiavone
    Gregory White
    Robert McEntee
    Jonathan Mann

    *206 Nelson Ave.*
    Landlord: Constantine Tsamouras
    Shannon More
    Vicky Chao
    Alisan VanFleet
    Claire Habig
    Teresa Crockett

    *119 Griffin Ave.*
    Landlord: Kevin and Kathy Green
    Stevi Anderson
    Julia Applebaum
    Kristin Fimian
    Hailey K. Hewitt
    Megan Burke
    Tamara Sweetnam

    *204 Harrison Ave.*
    Landlord information not provided
    Christina Arredondo
    Anna Brousell
    Laura Derby
    Jessica Dupont
    Caitlin Horan
    Audrey Siple

    *219 Harrison Ave.*
    Landlord: Harrison Ventures (Property Manager)
    Sarah Beck
    Roxanne Lepore
    Caroline Groom
    Camilla Hill
    William Busching
    Heather Bryant
    Adriane Lepore


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