Glee: That mattress magic

My apologies for not posting a blog on “Hairography.” I’m still a bit confused why the writers thought that would be a good idea for an episode. It wasn’t a favorite of mine for several reasons.

First off, all hopes I had for Quinn and Puck to get together and Finn run into Rachel’s open arms were quickly dashed with Puck’s transgressions — sexting? Really? Why did writers feel that had to be hip enough to include this? Moving on.

Kurt, I think you are fabulous, but why are you messing with Rachel? When Finn called her a “sad clown hooker,” I wanted to cry. Poor Rachel, trusting Kurt and putting herself on the line only to be further humiliated. Yes, I understand that he loves Finn too, but let’s be realistic here. Finn is already in love, or at least attracted to, Rachel, so she has a much better chance of winning his heart than Kurt. I know misery loves company, Kurt, but leave my Rachel out of this!

Moving on from the plot, the songs were fantastic. “Crazy in Love” was way over the top, just the way “Glee” likes to do it. “Imagine” was so touching that even I teared up (this is becoming a tradition when I watch “Glee” and I am not ashamed to admit it). Every Gleek I’ve talked with absolutely loved the stripped-down version of “True Colors,” featuring Tina in her first solo.

Now on to this week’s episode, “Mattress,” where “Glee” finally gives the fans one of the many things we were dying to see — Mr. Schuester finally finds out his sneaky, overbearing wife was faking the pregnancy! Now maybe it’s because I’m used to him being quiet and supportive of the Glee kids, but Schuester’s temper terrified me! Even though his crazy wife deserved a huge freak-out, when he ripped off her pregnancy pad, my jaw dropped.

And bless Mr. Schuester’s heart for pioneering for Glee to get a yearbook photo. I personally hate Lily Allen’s “Smile” but seeing Rachel sing it to Finn redeemed the mediocre tune. The mattress commercial made my heart sing. What a perfect combination of singing, gymnastics and full-blown cheesiness. The whole loop-hole for competition due to Mr. Schuester sleeping on a mattress was a little bit of a stretch, though. Having him take yet another bullet for the Glee club further shows how big his heart is — a sad, yet hopeful ending.

But with only one episode left before the mid-season break, there is still so much that could happen! Will Quinn’s secret finally come out? Will Rachel and Finn get together? Will Emma really marry Coach Tanaka? And most importantly, will the Glee club win sectionals?


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