30 Rock: “Are you spinning a basketball?!”

Prepare yourself for another week of shameless fawning.

I haven’t seen such a heavy emphasis on physical comedy on this show in a long time. But what do you know? They didn’t just pull it off… they _nailed_ it. I was in hysterics the _entire_ sequence where they were shooting the promos for Liz’s show. I’m laughing right now just thinking about it.

Frank’s transformation into Liz was perfect. I really like his new, larger role on the show. Ever since I saw him in the Red Hot Chili Peppers video “By the Way” while I was in middle school, I’ve always liked him.

They’ve struck the right balance with Jack again. At the beginning of the season, they focused too much on his plotline and kind of put Liz on the backburner. Now he’s in his rightful place: as an enabler, a main character who isn’t the main character.

Doctor Spaceman is always a good idea. Chris Parnell is a comedic genius, and I miss him on ‘SNL.’ Spaceman was the part he was born to play. Enough said.

The hi-fef camera was a great gag that lasted just the right number of people. I really liked that Kenneth was a Muppet because it took me back to the episode where he saw everyone and everything as Muppet characters, and that was one of my all-time favorite parts in the entire series.

I’m trying to think of things I think the show can work on and I’m having a hard time. My biggest qualm (as anyone who’s read my past blogs knows) was that Jenna was boring and superfluous for the show, but they’ve handily fixed any problem I had with her. Besides the season opener being nothing special, all the rest of the episodes have been stellar and nearly flawless. I apologize if this blog is getting boring to read, but until “30 Rock” does something wrong, I can’t criticize it!


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