30 Rock: Finally, something to talk about!

Is it okay that I’m a little excited that “30 Rock” wasn’t perfect this week? For all three readers of this blog (and here I’m being generous with three), it may actually amount to an interesting review. Woohoo!

Julianne Moore’s Boston accent was horrendous. I never once actually believed she was from Boston. The one line Jack had in his Boston accent was about a thousand times better than her entire performance. I was very disappointed; could they really not pick an actual Bostonian? Or at least someone who can fake an accent better than her? Rachel Dratch (of “SNL” fame) was hilarious as the “you-ah re-TAH-did!” Bostonian! Why not bring her onto the show? She’s been on multiple times, especially in the first season. She would have been a MUCH better choice than Moore. I hope she doesn’t become a returning character. Bring back Selma Hayek! Or Edie Falco! Or any other of Jack’s former girlfriends!

The running gag about YouFace was very well executed. I’ve always been impressed with “30 Rock’s” ability to keep a running joke both within the series and within an episode.

We need to see more of the new cast member. He’s really funny, and right now he’s been in exactly two episodes. Utilize him, dang it! Make more Canada jokes! Americans eat those up! The whole subplot of him not understanding sarcasm was one of the best parts of the episode.

We need to see less of Julianne Moore. Oh, wait, I already said that.

I liked hearing about Jenna’s childhood. It made her crazy character more understandable. It totally could have been a lie, but whatever. I’m going assume it’s true.

We didn’t see much of Tracy. It was kinda evident, but that’s okay. Just don’t make it a habit, Tina!

Did I mention that we should see less of Julianne Moore?


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