Community: Hooray for sexual tension!

I’m glad to see they haven’t just given up on the sexual tension between Brita and Jeff. For a while there I thought they were wasting a good opportunity by having Jeff become completely disinterested in Brita all of a sudden. They did the obvious with switching the one-sided desire from Jeff to Brita, but hey, at least the writers’ heads are in the right place.

Troy, again, was the main comedic attraction. Poor Jeff. He doesn’t get the lion’s share of hilarity anymore. That’s a wasted opportunity with someone as funny as Joel McHale (who plays Jeff). And while we’re on the topic of Jeff, let’s talk about Jeff’s girlfriend. She’s cute, don’t get me wrong, but I really don’t like her. She rubs me the wrong way. Maybe that’s on purpose, so that we as viewers want Jeff to dump her and date Brita. I don’t like Brita that much, either — but I’d prefer that Jeff date her than this stats professor. I guess she’s just there as a device for tension between Jeff and Brita.

I’m warming up to the non-Jeff-centric style of episodes. The way that two or three plot lines interweave is interesting and allows for a greater field of jokes and comedic situations to be packed into one episode. Too many stories, though, and it just gets confusing and overkill. Two or three seems to be working nicely.

I really like that every single episode focuses on a college course. That’s a cool touch. I just hope they don’t run out of ideas for crazy courses.

Overall, I’d say this was a good episode. Despite Jack Black’s absence, I thought this was the better episode compared to last episode. Which is a good sign — it was touch and go for a while.


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