Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

    Students climb the snow-covered tree outside of Barrett Hall while others play pick-up football. After the record-breaking snowfall, students spent time frolicking in the snow. “I traveled to Old Campus from Botetourt,” Nicholas Howard ’13 said. “We did the mighty duck formation across the Sunken Garden. I jumped in a pile of snow and just acted like a kid. I also wrestled in the snow with some friends. I think it was a pretty fun snow day.” While some students enjoyed the snow outdoors, others took the opportunity to relax inside. “For my snow day, I stayed inside in the warmth, caught up on some work, and spent the rest of the day spending quality time with my friends on my hall,” Danielle Liang ’13 said. Whether students spent time with friends outdoors or indoors, all agreed that the snow added a magical touch to campus. “Everything felt a little more like a Hogwarts adventure,” Peter Cabrera ’10 said.

    Many students chose to spend their snow day sledding down hills around campus. While some used real sleds, others made makeshift sleds out of old pizza boxes and other items. “My friends and I improvised some sleds and went sledding on the road next to Yates,” Sarah Marcellin ’13 said. “I’m from Arizona so it was really exciting because it was my first snow day.” Others saw strange occurrences in the snow. “While trekking across colonial Williamsburg in an attempt to find food, I came across a cross-country skier and challenged him to a race,” Will Pence ’13 said. Some students chose to entertain themselves in creative ways. “I made snow balls on the fire escape and ambushed my friend while he was trying to study,” Michael Axline ’13 said.

    Even though most local schools were closed on Feb. 1, the College remained open. In order to prepare for students traveling to and from classes, campus workers shoveled and poured salt on sidewalks. Snow plows cleared the roads on campus. While this snowfall was above average, wintery weather has not left the area yet. Freezing rain and snow are in the forecast later this week. This unusual weather makes many out of state students feel a little more at home with snow on campus. “I am from New England where winters are too long, so I get the best of both worlds here in Virginia,” Meghan Veno ’13 said. “God gave us snow to make winter a great thing instead of the bummer of a season it usually is after break,” Adam Clark ’10 said.


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