30 Rock: This whole time, I didn’t realize Spanx were real!

That was a good episode. It’s always a good sign when you can say an episode is just “typical” or “regular” for a series, and it’s still hilarious. Oh, “30 Rock,” where would we be without you?

The guest star was fantastic. I don’t know who she is; all I know is that she did the voice of Apu’s wife on “The Simpsons” for like 6 years. Her character was totally outrageous and hilarious. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the boonies of Virginia, but I absolutely love comedic situations where yokels and rednecks are really proud of things they shouldn’t be proud about. Also, she’s about a thousand times better than Julianne Moore.

Jenna’s growing on me. I never thought I’d say that. With her mother showing up and allowing us to see what horrors Jenna grew up with, I can empathize more with her character. Plus, this whole season she’s been significantly less annoying than before.

Jack was sweet without being sappy this episode. I like seeing humanity in him. He’s certainly not a bad guy or even an amoral guy in the series, but sometimes he comes off as disinterested in emotionality. I like the little glimmers of true humanity that Jack gives off every now and then. It’s sweet.

Let’s face it: “30 Rock” is on a roll. A four-season-long, multi-Emmy and Golden-Globe-winning roll.


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