Subsidized balls, free pool

Your Student Assembly passed the Ping Pong Provision for Purposeful playing Act II and the The SC Free Pool Act during last night’s meeting. The former allocates $400 from the Consolidated Reserve for the purchase of 2,880 ping pong balls and $75 for the purchase of four containers to be placed in the Student Exchange and Candy Counter to hold money and balls; balls will be $.25. This bill is a good thought, but ridiculously budgeted. $75 for four containers is unconscionable and the balls only cost $358 with the rest of the money being budgeted for shipping, which on costs $8.25. It is common for bills to allocate more than they need and end up spending the appropriate amount, but I will most certainly seek out the final expenses of this bill.

The SC Free Pool Act allocates $1,000 to fund free pool in the basement of the Sadler Center through the end of next year. Fair enough!

An opening announcements section was added to the agenda of this poorly attended and rather pointless meeting.


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