Huskies fans celebrate hoops win prematurely

Psych! Northeastern fans received a cruel let-down after the Tribe squeaked by the Huskies to win Saturday’s basketball game. According to a blog post by Northeastern sophomore Darren Costa, students at an NU-UMass hockey game were following the hoops game on their cell phones when William and Mary scored a basket 3.7 seconds before the buzzer to pull out a one-point win. The College’s live stat tracker accidentally input the points for NU, and the hockey crowd burst out in cheers, thinking they had won 54-51 — until the score was corrected against their favor.

“Hoops fans are left without words,” Costa wrote. “I immediately sat down. I couldn’t fathom what just happened. I still can’t get over it. The fans who were just celebrating the win put their hands on their heads or cover their faces.”


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