Community: I still don’t know about that stats professor

This week’s “Community” episode was a solid B+, I’d say. It had mostly great elements with a few easily-changed elements.

I’m always surprised to see Britta all dolled up. We’ve only seen it a few times, but I’m always kind of surprised that she isn’t cuter. She actually looks a lot better without the skimpy dress and lipstick. And while we’re on the topic of girls related to Jeff, I still don’t really like the stats professor. She certainly is very pretty, but she’s so … I don’t know what the deal is with her. But she rubs me the wrong way. I think I said this in an earlier post, but that’s probably on purpose — we’re supposed to prefer Britta over Michelle.

Abed was great. I loved his new ability to use sarcasm. To tell you the truth, I thought I would get bored of Abed, since I assumed he would be a static character. They said he had Asperger’s Syndrome near the beginning of the season, so I thought that meant he wouldn’t really progress as a character. And boy, was I wrong.

The episodes have done well to transition back to Jeff-centric plots. It definitely shows, and it is a definite plus. Maybe they’ve been reading my column and taking notes!


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