A potentially necessary SA meeting

Your Student Assembly unanimously passed the Potentially Necessary eBallot Upgrade Act, the Financial Transparency Act and the Necessary Airport Shuttle Funding Act II during Tuesday night’s meeting.

The eBallot Upgrade Act does nothing to upgrade our voting system, but instead allocates $400 from the off-campus account to pay for the e-mails that will be sent to every student for the Spring SA elections giving them a randomized password allowing them to log on to the eBallot site. Although I can only hope that a vast majority of these e-mails will be swiftly deleted, they’re not being paid for with student money so it’s not our problem.

The Financial Transparency Act creates the office of SA auditors charged with doing an annual line-by-line investigation of exactly what the student activities fee is paying for. Assuming that the SA can find two poor souls for this job, it’s a great bill and should provide some real insight into how student money is spent.

The Necessary Airport Shuttle Funding Act II allocates $2,400 from the consolidated reserve to pay for airport rides during Spring break. I always support these types of bills. Finding a cab ride to the airport is really expensive and really frustrating. The fact that the SA organizes these shuttles every break almost justifies its existence.


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